A subsidiary of Drillmar Resources, Drilltrain was established to provide bespoke, outsourced training management solutions to our existing and new clients.

Using our extensive industry experience our team provide a full suite of training and competency management, compliant with current industry standards and regulations, delivered based on your business requirements.

Developed on a culture of quality, service and value, our packages are flexible and can be delivered on a standalone basis, or as part of a wider service offering in conjunction with the recruitment arm of our business.

Our vision is built on providing exceptional service and commitment to our clients.


Training Management

Our Training Management service tracks the compliance of your workforce against both industry regulations and your organisation’s requirements.

Drilltrain can adapt our solutions to existing systems, to your third party and contractual obligations or assist in the creation of a training matrix to suit your needs.

Our team will identify training gaps and expirations, communicating directly with your staff or contractors to address shortfalls.

Ongoing service provides reassurance that your workforce remains fully compliant with any new requirements in your sector.

This service can be combined with crew management employment solutions through our affiliate, Drillmar.

Competency Solutions

Drilltrain currently manages a competency system specializing in Oil & Gas disciplines for the recruitment arm of our organization, Drillmar.

We can work in collaboration with you to develop comprehensive, tailored competency programmes to document and demonstrate your workforce’s competency.

Accredited competency assessors and external verifiers ensure a multi layered verification process.

Our transparent solutions allow for detailed reporting on groups or individuals, allowing you to track both your employee’s progress and how we are assessing them.

New Start Programmes

Our team can set up your new or returning employees with the minimum standards they will require for offshore travel in any sector globally.

This can be combined with any company / third-party courses or inductions.All associated bookings, logistics and administration including issuing joining instructions and travel can be included depending on your exact requirements.

Our focus is for employees to become compliant and ready to mobilize in as short a timescale as feasible.

We can also offer contractual employment solutions in conjunction with our affiliate, Drillmar.

Trainers and Assessors

Drilltrain can provide industry qualified trainers to deliver courses pursuant to your requirements within your own timescale.

Relying on our extensive industry network, Drilltrain can also source professionals with the industry experience and technical knowledge to act as external competency assessors.

Whether you wish to assess your staff’s competency on a one-off basis or are looking for assistance in developing an entire system, our consultants can effectively assess your workforce on both operational prowess and people skills.

We work in partnership with an international network of alliance partners to deliver solutions on a global scale.

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For further information on our bespoke training solutions, or to discuss how we can best meet your requirements, please contact us via e-mail: enquiries@drilltrain.co.uk